Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to pay in advance for the cost of my project?

Yes, in this way, you guarantee the total development of your project, remember that we must buy the domain and the space on the server, if you do not pay in advance you can’t hire any of these services, nor does it give us the sure that we are going to work on something serious.

How does everything work?

If you live in USA, and are interested in having your own website, you should check which of the offers is interests you, you must fill out the form corresponding to the offer. That way we know what you need. With the information received we send you an invoice for the service you are hiring. After receiving the invoice, you can make the payment for the amount defined in the invoice.

How long does it take to have my website on the internet?

In just 48 hours you can have your website on the internet, immediately when you pay for your project, we make the purchase of your domain and web hosting. Domain activation takes 48 hours, at which time your website is created and placed on the server, then reviewed and the details that may remain pending are added. At this moment you will see the work ready and you can send your comments or reviews to make any kind of arrangement.

How can I pay for this service?

You can pay, through Western Union.

What security do I have that my project is going to be carried out?

All, 100% security, our goal is to help your business to have its own website, in this way we promote e-commerce, and the development of professional websites. We are a team of well-trained professionals who have come together to work with that idea. In case of circumstances beyond our control, in which your project can not be done, your money will be returned to you.

How can I manage my website?

You can manage your site from anywhere that has access to the internet, no matter from which device you do it, it could be from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Do I have a space limit?

No, our server provides you unlimited space, you can upload any amount of information, photos, videos, music, without restriction.

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